How to build your entry

1. Start by selecting which activity  you would like to implement with your students (a Go-Lab activity (Inquiry Learning Space) or the Big Ideas of Science Challenge)

2. Prepare for the implementation of the activity. Read through the activity, make any changes you wish, get acquainted with the Go-Lab online lab(s) that you will use and any additional applications that might be included in it. If you have decided to make your own activity start by creating the activity and uploading it in the Go-Lab repository (find more information here). If any offline activities are included make sure you gather all the necessary materials.

3. Decide how you plan to record the implementation. You can do many different things to record the process.

-You might want to consider filming the implementation (even if you are not planning to make a video as an entry) so you can go back and refresh your memory while making your entry.

- Think about taking pictures of your students working on their experimentation to use in your entry.

- It is most likely that students will produce some documents with their results and comments. Make sure you have access to all students materials.

- Keep notes of highlights and the process so you can refer to them later on.

- Perhaps you would like to interview your students to test what they've learned or in order to document what they thought about the activity.


4. Implement the activity you have selected and record it based on the previous step. 


5. Decide what kind of format you want your entry to have. Use the footage you have gathered during the implementation to compose your entry.

Your entry can be in any of the following forms:

  • PowerPoint or Impress Presentation: "PowerPoint" or "Impress" Presentations must not exceed 15 slides and they have to be delivered in pdf format. 
  • Video: An entry in the form of a video must not exceed 7 minutes. In order to submit a video you will have to upload your video on YouTube and submit the link.
  • Text: You can submit a report in the form of a narrative text. It is advised to use Arial Font and Font size 12. Text entries should not exceed 6 pages and they have to be submitted in pdf format.
  • Poster:  A poster entry has to be size A1 and submitted in pdf format.

See here for more tips.

6. Once you have finalized your entry, submit it to the contest.












The contest is organized by the Go-Lab project which is financed by the European commission within the Seventh Framework Programme.

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