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An Inquiry Learning Space (ILS) is a learning activity within the Go-Lab learning environment. Each ILS is structured based on the Go-Lab inquiry cycle.  Students can visit an Inquiry Learning Space and perform an experimentation following the instructions that are included in it. 
Click here to see an example ILS.
In the framework of the contest, competing teachers will have to implement an ILS with their students. You may visit the Go-Lab repository and select a ready-to-be-used ILS to realize with your students. Alternatively, you may also choose an existing ILS and make modifications so as to tailor it to your students needs, or choose to create your own from scratch using the Go-Lab authoring tool. Regardless which activity you choose to use (an existing or one you'll make) you need to make sure that you use the Go-Lab "Big Ideas of Science" during the implementation and make your teaching as multidisciplinary as possible.
  • Using existing Go-Lab ILSs 
You can visit the Go-Lab repository and browse through the existing ILSs. Provide your students with the URL of the ILS so they may have access to the ILS. Click here to see the existing Go-Lab ILSs.
  • Adapting existing Go-Lab ILSs
You can visit the Go-Lab repository and browse through the existing ILSs. Select the ILS you would like to adapt.
Click here to see the existing Go-Lab ILSs.
  • Creating your own Go-Lab ILS
Visit the online labs section of the Go-Lab repository and choose which lab(s) you would like to use in your activity. Start making your ILS by clicking the "Create Inquiry Space" you will find in the preview page of the lab.
As preparation before starting your ILS, you can download the Go-Lab inquiry cycle template and prepare a draft of your ILS using it. In each step of the inquiry cycle there is a brief description of what you are expected to do. You may also have a look at the existing ILSs for reference. Additionally, in the support section of the Go-Lab repository, you may find tutorials about how to make an ILS.
Make sure you record the implementation process and the results of the experimentation so you can make your entry.
Make sure that you use the Big Ideas of Science during the implementation and that you present to your students connections between different phenomena and concepts.
  • The Big Ideas of Science challenge

In order to participate in the contest, you may choose to either use an ILS from the Go-Lab repository or the Big Ideas of Science challenge. The Big Ideas of Science challenge is inviting participating teachers to give the floor to their  students, and invite them to shape the science curriculum of their school and decide what they would focus on and what they would leave out. In addition, part of the challenge is to link the different science subjects taught and select what methodology to use so as to ensure the harmonic and meaningful link between the different science subjects. To learn more visit the challenge's website.












The contest is organized by the Go-Lab project which is financed by the European commission within the Seventh Framework Programme.

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