Evaluation Criteria

The contestants entries will be evaluated following the criteria mentioned below. Contestants are strongly advised to take them into consideration while preparing their participation.


1.     Quality of the entry (10 points)

This criterion involves the evaluation of the quality of the entry in terms of results presented. Your entry can be in the form of a report, a presentation, a video or a poster. 

  • Implementation process and students' results  - 3 points
  • Overall assessment of students' performance - 3 points
  • Successful use of the Go-Lab "Big Ideas of Science"  - 4 points


2.    Practical Implementation in class (10 points)

This criterion involves the evaluation of the actual in-class implementation.

  • Encouraging students creativity - 3 points
  • Use of inquiry approach - 3 points
  • Degree of multidisciplinarity - 4 points


3. Creativity and Originality  (10 points)

This criterion involves the evaluation of the entry in terms of creativity and originality. This incudes the degree to which the entry presents the results of the implementation in a clear, creative and attractive way.

  • Creative presentation  - 4 points
  • Originality of the work - 3 points
  • Clarity of the overall entry - 3 points


4. Use of Go-Lab tools (5 points)

Contestants can use an existing Inquiry Learning Space as is. Alternatively they may adapt one or create a new one. Hence for every entry only one of the following options will be applicable.

  • Use of an existing Go-Lab Inquiry Learning Space as is. - 1 point
  • Use of an existing Go-Lab Inquiry Learning Space after being adapted by the contestant. - 3 points 
  • Use of a Go-Lab Inquiry Learning Space created from the contestant from scratch. - 5 points
  • Use of the Go-Lab 'Big Ideas of Science' challenge  - 5 points













The contest is organized by the Go-Lab project which is financed by the European commission within the Seventh Framework Programme.

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