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Get Started

Here is a brief description of how to organize your team for the challenge.


1. First of all you will need to register your school at the challenge.

2. Once you do that, all students participating will need to fill in the preliminary questionnaire. This questionnaire will later help you reflect on how much you have learned through the challenge.

3. In order to work on the challenge you will need a common space where everyone can have access to. You can either set a board at your school where you can post your work and ideas using post-it notes or you can create a virtual board using the Padlet application.


Getting to work - Building our own curriculum

1. After finishing with the preparations it is time to get to work! Gather the team together and discuss about the selection criteria based on which you will choose what to include in your curriculum. Your criteria could be anything; for example: what would you like to learn? what kind of knowledge do you think is going to be useful for you in your adult life? what are the fundamental principles everybody should now about?

When you have concluded in your selection criteria, post them on your board for everyone to see.


2. Once the criteria are settled, divide the team into groups and assign one subject area per group. Each team will be in charge of providing the topics for the subject area they have been assigned to. Post all your ideas on the challenge board. Make sure you decide upfront on how much time you will allow for the groups to gather information.


3. After all groups post their ideas to your board, gather together to create the curriculum. Review all the ideas and create the outline of your curriculum per subject area.


Getting to work - Building our Big Ideas of Science

Now that you have your curriculum ready, it is time to look at the bigger picture. Look again at all the components of your curriculum. Can you find any links between the elements of the different science subject areas? Are there and concepts that we meet them in more then one cases? Browse through the curriculum and single out these concept. Create one simple phrase for each of them describing what people need to know about these cross-curricular concepts. This set of phrases is your "Big Ideas of Science" set.


Wrapping it up

Congratulations, you are finished!!!! Time to present your work! Use the poster template you will find here to present your work. You may of course choose to alter the template if you wish.

Send you poster to





Preliminary Questionnaire

Assessment Questionnaire

Poster template












The contest is organized by the Go-Lab project which is financed by the European commission within the Seventh Framework Programme.

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